Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mela Wilson

So I have had lots of interest in the Mela Wilson line and if you are interested in a boy or girl outfit let me know and I will order it for you. Tell me the specifics like: size, color, style or what you are looking for and I will order it for you. We will extend layaway for Mela's. We will extend to 4 months. I know everyone wants a Mela for their child but at $300, $600 sometimes more it is hard to pay that much at one time. OK, so let me know before tomorrow if you are interested. I have to make a number for the order and if I don't get enough I will n ot order!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yeah! Just Got Back From Market And The Store Has Begun.

OK, so the store is coming along great. For all those who do not know; my mom is opening a children's store in Huntsville Alabama. The store will be opening in January/February. We will also have a website that will feature all of our items. The store will be offering Lay-a-Way with 25% down and 2 months to pay.

I will be posting a album of all of our merchandise we have bought so far at Market. I will also post a detail description of every item that will explain sizing, style differences, and different colors the item comes in. We will be pre orders. Just let me know what you may be interested in and I can order extras or different sizes if we did not get it. Remember each style comes in a group and if we don't see something you may like then maybe we can get it!

Also, if you do not see a brand you like or would like us to carry just let us know and we will look into it!

We will carry smocked lines, monogrammable items and so much more. Lines like: Little English, Anavini, Claire & Charlie, Zuccini, Petite Frere, Silly Goose, Vive La Fete, Secret Wishes, Bee Have, Be Mine, Remember Nguyen, Luigi, Amanda Remembered and so so much more. My brain is mush, so I cant remember them all! I want to Carry Mela Wilson too but later. I guess if you were interested I could always do it for this Spring. You could always do layaway because I know it is so so expensive, but if you had 2 months to pay it off it wouldn't be too bad. I am checking to see who may be interested b/c the min order is a lot and I don't want to order if no one is interested b/c of price.

Check the blog soon for the photo gallery!

I am so excited and hope lots of you will be our future costumers.

Also if you guys do not see something that you were looking for like frogs or more birthday just let me know. Also you guys I will warn you that I didnt know order many boy things b/c I am not sure what our market is at this time. I know husbands can be a pain and dont want their boys dressing a certain way. If you would like brother/sister outfits let me know most items do have boy versions. E-mail me you guys with boys and let me know what you want!!!! Please I need help with that!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thanksgiving Gobble Applique

Gobble Gobble every one. I thought this was a great alternative to the turkey this year. I have had lots of requests for this one and so I sat down last night and finally did it. I will have to say that this applique takes so so long to make, but the outcome is just precious! I will have to charge more for this applique b/c it does take me close to 2 hours to do. I do not sell this top/tunic I bought it at a local children's store. Did you see the precious turkey bow in her hair? No, I did not make it, but I did buy it from Rags Land. Sorry that the full length picture did not turn out as I wanted, but the gum I was bribing Caroline with was wearing off!

Christmas Pajamas

I found these pajamas at Target this weekend. I loved the colors and the prints on these and thought they would make great Christmas pajamas. My favorite were the pink and green dots that I appliqued a minky Christmas tree on, but when I tried the aqua and red ones on her I just fell in love!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ansley's Fall Scarecrow

First I have to say that I love the pink and green turkey! Ansley's mom sent me this sweet pink jumper and I appliqued this precious turkey on it. I thought it looked too too cute! Ansley's scarecrow outfit is made with a raspberry micro check. I love the simple single ruffle pant. BTW..I am taking pant outfits now. I am finally caught up with all my orders and I am now able to take more.

Spooky Jack-o-Lantern Outfit

So if Caroline did not have enough Halloween outfits; I just had to make another one! I love simple and traditional clothes most of the time, especially for holidays. I still love colored lights at Christmas! The pants are made of big black check and has some orange polka dot ruffle ric rac on the bottom. I had to post the last picture because Caroline was trying to do her super model pose. She has been working on it all week! Really she has!

The Pink Girly Ghost

I bought this cute little knit pant set at Target. I think the whole set was under $10. I put the little girly ghost on the shirt. I made the same little outfit for Caroline's best girlfriend Lily. If anyone wants this outfit done; I can have it done in a day!