Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thanksgiving Gobble Applique

Gobble Gobble every one. I thought this was a great alternative to the turkey this year. I have had lots of requests for this one and so I sat down last night and finally did it. I will have to say that this applique takes so so long to make, but the outcome is just precious! I will have to charge more for this applique b/c it does take me close to 2 hours to do. I do not sell this top/tunic I bought it at a local children's store. Did you see the precious turkey bow in her hair? No, I did not make it, but I did buy it from Rags Land. Sorry that the full length picture did not turn out as I wanted, but the gum I was bribing Caroline with was wearing off!


Brandy @ Loving Blakely said...

Love love love it! Can I put in a order for the gobble gobble shirt now?

Caroline is beautiful and looks so stinkin cute!

Robin said...

Where did you find that top/tunic?

Jennifer said...

CUTENESS. I love the tunic too!