Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Potty Party!

Caroline's Kindermusik teacher told me about a fun activity she did with her daughter when she started potty training. A Potty Party! She said that for about 2 weeks she told her daughter that they were going to be having a potty party. On the day of the party she baked cookies, and wrapped up her big girl undies and gave them to her as a gift. When the time comes.....we will be having a potty party. Cupcakes,balloons, big girl undies, pony's .......the works! I have picked out our potty. We will be getting the Bjorn Potty Chair in of course PINK! Genius!

1 comment:

brandyhipshsmith said...

You are so funny!

I have that potty! I heawrd it was great to travel with as well! Not so big and bulky!