Monday, October 13, 2008

Yeah The Pumpkin Patch

We started our day at one of our favorite weekend resteraunts, Jim N' Nicks with Cookie and Poppy. After that we headed to the Pumkpin Patch. We went to Old Bakers Farm in Harpersville Alabama. The day started off with an overcast and as soon as we pulled into the farm the sun came out and wow was it warm. We had such a great time. I took tons and tons of pictures. Richie actually told me I had to stop. I was getting a bit out of control. Here are some pictures of our day.


Ashley, Brandon, and Jack Sellers said...

Sooo precious! It was great seeing ya'll twice yesterday. That is the most we have seen ya'll in months. We need to get together this week and make the Mom's Group on Friday!


brandyhipshsmith said...

These are the best picture! Caroline is so pretty! Your hair looks amazing! It is super long! I love the color! I tried to call you, but no answer. We got all our stuff and LOVE IT ALL! I was showing all my neighors and they were just laughing at me b/c I was so excited abiut it all!