Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wow! Christmas already?

Halloween is still 2 weeks way, but I have been working on some Christmas designs. I wanted to post them up tonight, but it was very chaotic at the McDowell house tonight. I ran to a friends house for a Southern Living party. I had a blast and bought some fantastic things! Thank you Melanie for the invite. I can't wait to see your goodies too! My mom is still here, thank God! She was so nice to buy me a wonderful piece of furniture for all my sewing needs. She surprised me when I got home from the party. I will post a picture up later. I know Brandy..... I still need to post my new furniture piece I got for my Birthday. Soon, hopefully soon. Richie and I also got an early Halloween present from my Mom. Well, really for me. For years I have wanted a set of tortoise glass drinking glasses, and my mother got them. Thank you!!!!!!

Caroline also got the rest of her Halloween costume today. She received the shoes last week. The shoes were hand painted, and are too cute. I love her costume and can't wait to dress her up. I still have some finishing touches, so I need to get to work.

Let me get through Halloween and I can start think about Christmas. I spoke to a girlfriend today about Christmas gifts for our girls. I think I have decided against the kitchen set. I was at Pottery Barn Kids this weekend with my Mom and she brought up a great point. "What will she have to look forward to when she gets older?" Good point! She isn't even 2 for God Sakes! The recommended age is 3. She won't even play with it! She doesn't even play with the toys she has. So, the kitchen is out of the picture. My new project....her toddler room. My ideas for her next room are spectacular. I need to limit my spending until we decide where we will move to next. Hopefully the house will be up for sale soon and we can go from there. I have found some great furniture pieces that I just can't hold out on. Richie said we can buy them on Friday. I am pumped!

We didn't make it to our Zoo class today, but I swear next week! I need a perfect zoo outfit. Ashley mark your calender. Also, we have got to make it to Mom's group at church this Friday. I will be there! Also, when are we going to Zoo Boo?

I am looking forward to our play date and lunch tomorrow with Carolines friends from Kindermusik. I will post some pictures. I can't believe I wrote so much. My friends are always jumping on me that I don't blog often enough. I am so busy! I don't have enough time in the day.

Till the next time.....

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