Monday, September 8, 2008

Caroline's 1st Day of School

I was nervous anticipating Caroline's first day of school all weekend. Would she scream and cry and cause some sort of scene? No, in fact the experience was the complete opposite. I dropped her off and rushed out so I wouldn't hear her cry. I decided to pick her up 15 minutes early because I pictured her crying and wondering if I had abandoned her. I walked in and the look on her face was like "ugh...its you!" I couldn't believe it! Actually, It makes me feel relieved she is so independent.
This weekend I bought a Mary James outfit that was blue micro check and was accented with primary dot fabric. I monogrammed it with a "C" in red.

So, I received an e-mail last night about some initial applique T's. I decided to concentrate all day about this them and came up with a few designs. The 1st was my vintage letter design. The fabric I used is my absolute favorite. I call it the "party dot". I bought Caroline an outfit this past spring from my favorite children's boutique in Birmingham called the Lily Pad, that was made from the same fabric. Everyone who sees the outfit raves about it. I paired it with a pair of bubblegum pink corduroy pants. The applique can be made in any fabric with any thread color. By the way the shirt is not one I sell. It is a brand called squiggles.

The 2nd outfit I made was made out of another one of my favorite fabrics. It is a turquoise background with bright colored flowers. I made pants and put yellow ric rac around the bottom of the pants. For the shirt I used the girly ruffle T and put a flower applique with a monogram "C" in the middle. Don't you just love these colors? I also made another example of the same applique earlier today. It is lime green with pink dots.

OK, so the last thing I did was monogram a lavender corduroy dress I bought Caroline for this fall and winter. I wanted to use this design with polka dots. I used green and pink thread. I will be pairing some stripe tights with this.


The Lili Pad said...

Hey cydney! The Lili Pad now has a blog!
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Ashley, Brandon, and Jack Sellers said...

These are the cutest things ever. I am so impressed! I need to have a girl so I can have you make me the cutesy stuff! I need to see what boy stuff you have for Jack!