Monday, September 1, 2008

Yeah!!! I am finally a Blogger!

Happy Labor Day! I am so excited to start this blog. I will be working on it all this week, so check back often.

Well, we kicked off College Football this weekend and to many it was the beginning of Fall. Although Fall does not technically begin for another few weeks, September 22ND to be exact, everyone is beginning to get that Fall itch. Caroline wore her game day colors, the big orange and blue. I made this A-line dress reversible. The orange and blue plaid side was embroidered with a cheerleader and her name under in "party font". The other side of the dress will be shown at a later date. She will be wearing it to her 1st day of school. The dress can be made in any color or pattern fabric and you can customize it with any design. I have it all and if I do not I will get it.
Like I said I will be working on my blog all this week. We have been working with a wholesaler and have gotten in some great stuff for boys and girls! T-shirts (long sleeve & shorts sleeve), baby gowns, dresses, sweatshirts, bibs, and lots of other stuff. We have a wide range of sizes and we can get almost any color. I will be posting most or all of the styles with the sizes and colors some time soon. I will be working on a price list as well. My prices will be targeted towards mom's like me. A mom who has champagne taste on a beer budget! I love to dress Caroline in cute and unique clothes, but it kills me to pay those high end prices. I have tons of monogram fonts and lots of applique designs. If I don't have what you are looking for contact me and I can see what we can do.
Wow! My first blog post! Shouldn't I have party or something? This is a big deal, right? A glass of champagne will do.


brandyhipshsmith said...

I am so excited! I will subscribe to your feed! I wish I would of gotten Blakely something made for her first day of "school"! She goes Thursday! GASPPPP!

Mendi said...

Everything I've seen on your myspace is just precious :) I'll have to order some stuff from you once we find out what our "little bean" will be! Yiippee :)

Mary V. said...

Cyd, Good job so far! It reads really well, looks great (of course!) and I can't wait to see more adorable clothes!

Congrats! :)

Cydney said...

I just love the new stuff you put up. You are doing fantastic work. I can't wait to get stuff for, Brenley.