Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday & Sewing

So it is Saturday night and I haven't sat down to relax all day. I have been cleaning, doing laundry, running errands, grocery shopping and of course sewing!

This morning I finished up a Halloween outfit for Caroline. My Mom bought these precious candy corn tights from Gymboree, so I played off that theme with the shirt. The shirt is again the short sleeve ruffle because, it was stifling last year around Halloween time. Her name is in my favorite font, Party Time, so you will see it often. I had to put a candy corn on the shirt as well, but my Mom came up with a great suggestion this morning. I have this fabulous witches hat and some perfect candy corn fabric that matches the leggings amazingly, so I might try that tomorrow and I will add her name.

The 2nd outfit that I made today just might be my favorite so far. I adore pink poodles, so I had to make this. Poodles always remind me of my Grandmother because poodles are very french and very chic. Ooh la la! My Grandmother, Genvieve, lived in France until she met my Grandfather during the 2nd World War. They married, had my Father, and 32 years later here I am. When Caroline was born my neighbor gave Caroline a huge stuffed poodle; sometimes my mother will play with it and give the poodle a french accent. The accent sounds exactly like my Grandmother. So I call this outfit the "Ginny."

The pants and the poodle applique are made from pink fabric with black polka dots. The shirt is our lettuce edge shirt. This shirt does come in short sleeve as well and in sizes 6 month to 12 youth. The shirt also comes in tons of colors too! The pants are just my favorite pattern. I tried 3 patterns of pants before I found the one that fit and looked the best, so I do love these. I did add black ric rac trim to the bottom and it made such a cute addition.

I love monograms so much that I had to make Caroline some personalized dinnerware. The plate, bowl and sippy cup come in multiple colors: red, blue, green,turquoise, pink and purple. The fabrics used can be any fabric and color. The sippy cup did not make the picture because, it is in Carolines room, and she is sleeping. I will post it tomorrow. The plate is in giant dot with Caroline embroidered in the Tinker Toy font. The Bowl is shown is pink and green plaid with her 3 letter monogram in Party Time. My experience with these is that when you put them in the dishwasher remove the fabric piece. I never did and the other day I took the fabric out of her sippy cup and it smelled very sour. I love her sippy cups and we use them every time we go out.


We are the Ferrari's said...

Cydney you have done a fabulous job! I am going to tell all of my friend's about your site. Caroline is so sweet! :)

Mendi said...

Oh goodness...girls clothing is so much more fun ;) Hopefully if we have a boy, you can do some fun stuff for us!

Everything on the site is just too cute!

BetsyT said...

Cyndey- Your Clothes are tooo! cute. I Would love to order some stuff for Anderson!! Keep up the awesome work!!

Sara said...

Cyd-o!! The stuff is too cute. Make Hal's stuff and if you see knit pants up there get them for him and I will send you some mulah! Get 6 month sizes bc he is looong like Joey! I wants lots...get sewing.