Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hal's Fall/Winter Shirts

So I am a bit behind. It was my Birthday Yesterday and I was laid up in bed sick all day, so I could not get a thing done yesterday. I finally got my cute friend Harold's (Hal) 1st order done. His mother, a definite fashionista, was very sure of what she wanted. Hal loves Elmo like every other child in America does, so Sara wanted Hal to have his big red friend to wear around town. I thought Elmo turned out way too cute.

The 2nd shirt I made was Hal's Halloween Shirt. Sara's aunt Laura has bought him some pants that are orange and black strip, so I thought that combining the black and white check with the orange and black dot would look quite cute.

Since this upcoming election season will be Hal's first, we just had to make him a shirt to let everyone know who he is rooting for. Do we have a future President here? I better be invited to that Inauguration Ball! Maybe I could make him an applique shirt to wear under his tux. Please do not fret you Obama fans. I do have a Donkey and would love to use him. These shirts are sizes 6-12 Months. I have been told by friends that the boy sizes run a bit small, so they recommend going up a size. The smallest size for boys is 3-6 month and the largest size is 5/6.

Thank you Sara for your support! You are a true friend. I hope Hal is the coolest kid in his school. I know he will with that cute Elmo shirt. Love you both.

Also, anyone who would like to order a colored shirt just let me know. I will be placing the order this Friday and would need to know by then. Colors are pink, lavender, turquoise, chocolate brown, light blue, and red. Boys and girls!

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Sara said...

Love them!!! We can have the Frederickson/McDowell ticket in a few years!!